Check in on your home at your convenience. Anytime. Anywhere. Get video alerts sent to your smart device as they happen, or record video to watch later.


Lock your doors, turn off your lights, adjust your thermostat, arm your security system, and even close your garage door…all from your smart device.


Imagine waking up and having your alarm system greet you by disarming, adjusting the thermostat and turning on the lights. Now imagine with the push of a single button arming your system, re-adjusting your thermostat, adjusting the lights and locking your doors. With our Connected Home security option, you can stop imagining and make this a reality.


Life happens. And when it does, there's no reason you should pay more to heat or cool your home. Set automated schedules or change the temperature on the fly all from your smartphone, tablet, computer or control panel.


Tired of wondering where you could be saving money on your energy use? Well, now you can view your daily, weekly or monthly energy use anytime you like. You can calculate your energy costs in real time. And you can automate your energy use according to limits you define.

wellness solutions

Our smart Wellness solution keeps your loved ones safer without compromising their independence. Powered by's smart home security technology, Wellness gives you automated safeguards throughout your loved one's home, instant alerts about sudden activity changes, and a direct line to emergency assistance, 24/7.

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