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Is It Finally Time To Upgrade Your Security System?

Many people don’t bat an eye on spending hundreds or even thousands on the latest fashion.

They spend hundreds of dollars a year so that they can have the latest I-phone or have to have that state-of-the-art 4K 75” flat-screen TV to watch a favorite show.

Ironically, some of these same folks may be using 15 to 20-year-old technology to protect their homes and families.

Now I know seeing Zombie movies on a super high-definition 75” OLED screen is important…but, let’s take a look at some of the signs that it might be time to enter the 21st century of security and home-automation technology. You will likely be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it can actually be.

Reasons To Update Your Security System

Potentially unreliable and Outdated Equipment

Avoid Unexpected repairs and reduced performance!

Smoke Detectors should absolutely be updated every 7-10 years from the date of manufacture. (It should be labeled on the device) They lose effectiveness over time…and may put your home and family at risk.

As far as systems are concerned, even if you aren’t one for having the latest, greatest technology, you should be taking a hard look at updating a system after 15 years. While I have seen systems still up and running at 25 years…the older systems will become a maintenance liability at some point. Parts may become difficult to come by and technicians will typically bill out at $85-$135 an hour.

Not to mention criminals cutting the lines to some of those older systems to gain access.

Many companies offer a “take-over” device that enables you to utilize much of the existing equipment and connecting it to a brand new control panel and keypads that are fully warrantied.

Updating your system will eliminate the risk of unexpected and costly repairs.

"Remember, a secure home is a peaceful home. Stay Vigilant, stay connected, and keep criminals at bay!"

At Armor Security we provide you with up-to-date, state of the art and affordably priced security systems to protect your family and home.

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