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About us

We love our customers and our business is built off of happy customers. For any customer you refer to us that becomes a new customer, we will give you $150. 


Sonny and Julie Weems are natives of Central VA. Sonny has been selling home security for more than 22 years and has made it his life's purpose to give families peace of mind and to ensure they feel safe at all times. Sonny's reviews speak for themselves. You will not find a more reliable, more affordable home security company than Armor Security and Sonny Weems. 

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We are Committed to Keeping
Your Home and Family Safe

Why Choose Us?


We are always

We're available

we have excellent reviews

We offer FREE in-home demos and do not overcharge for our systems or monthly monitoring! We couldn't believe our ears when we heard what some of our competitors were charging. Some customers have told us they were paying over $60 a month on a landline!

We are available 24/7 for technical support. No more automated messages after 5:00 pm or on the weekends when you are having an issue with your system.

Don't Wait! Call Today to Schedule Your FREE Demo!

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